Norwell Legion Post 192

                                      Last Update March 27, 2014    11:35 AM                         

             SCHEDULE Spring 2014

                 Legion Warriors Basketball



Date                                        Time              Opponent                     Location

March        18                    7:30 PM               Open Practice          Norwell High School

                 20                    7:30 PM               Open Practice          Norwell High School

                 25                    7:30PM                Open Practice          Norwell High School

                  27                      7:30PM                  Practice                    Norwell High School

                  29                      8:00AM vs. Framingham High School       Higgins Middle School

                  29                      10:00AM vs VBC                                    Swampscott High School

April              1                                 Practice

                     3                     7:00PM              Practice                       Norwell

                     5                                 7:00PM vs. Framingham Elite      Taunton High School

                     5                                  9:00PM vs. Shockers                  Taunton High School

                     6                                  8:00AM vs. Boston Bobcats         Taunton High School

                     8                                  7:00PM vs.                               Norwell High School 

                     11                                 7:05PM vs. Middlesex Magic      U @ Hanover

                     12                                 9:05AM vs. East Coast Elite       U @ Hanover 

                     12                                 7:55 vs. VBC                            Taunton HS                                                                                                     


                     13                                Tournament  TBA

                     15                                Practice                                  Norwell High School

                     17                                7:15 PM vs. Weymouth            Norwell High School 

                     19                                 6:00PM vs. Bay State             Rockland High School

                     20                                 8:00PM vs. CMAC                   Massasoit

                     21-27                            SPRING BREAK TIME OFF

                     29                                 Practice

May                  1                practice                                   Norwell High School

                        3                                5:00 PM vs. Mass Rivals                  ( D.) Sudbury FieldHouse                                                                                                                                 (court 13)

                                                AND   7:00 PM vs. Central Mass Thunder  ( D.) Sudbury FieldHouse                                                                                                                                  (court 13)


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                        4                                 11:00 AM vs. Game UP Eclipse   ( C.)    Framingham State                                                                                                                                   University 

                                                                                                                           (court 11)  


                        6                  7:00PM              Practice                       Norwell High School

                        8                  7:00PM    CANCELED Coach out sick       Norwell High School

                       10                              11:00AM C-MAC West               Marlborough High

                       10                             2:00PM vs Framingham            Algonquin High School 

                       14 (Wed)                    7:30PM vs Framingham             Marion HS, Framingham

                                                    NO TOURNAMENT THIS WEEKEND

                       20                   7:00PM   Practice                                 Norwell High School

                       22                    7:00PM  Game                                    Norwell High School


                       27                    7:00PM       Practice                            Norwell High School

                       29                    7:00PM   Game                                   Norwell High School 



                          3                    7:00PM  Practice

                          5                    7:00PM Game                                    Norwell High School

                          7                      5:00PM vs Cape Cod Bulls                Kingston Sports Complex

                                                  7:00PM vs FLBC                              Kingston Sports Complex 

                          8                      1:00PM vs. No. Quincy                     Kingston Sports Complex

                         10                     7:00PM  Practice                              Norwell High School

                         12                     7:00PM  Game                                 Norwell High School 

                          17                    7:00PM  Game                                 Norwell High School

                          19                    7:00PM Game                                  Norwell High School









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