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                                         updated: March 2 ,2014

This Spring the American Legion Warriors Basketball Association will be sponsoring players eligible to try out for the 12th grade and under basketball tournaments. Our goal is to provide a chance for all eligible players to play together in the off season under the guided direction of adult coaches. By increasing the playing time between the players, it is our hope that we can increase both the level of skill and camaraderie of all players, with the goal of raising the level of talent and success for each player. All players will be given a fair amount of playing time and coaching attention.

We will be playing in at least 8 weekend tournaments and hosting some local teams that should bring us to 36-40 games.

Please note that our team will not have an overabundance of players so that all players can get generous playing time and personal coaching. 

ALL practices are scheduled at the Norwell High School gym on the court that the Varsity plays.

Practices/home games will be on Tuesday and Thursday  at 7:00PM  March 18th- June 19th. For the complete practice/home game schedule, see next page. 


The coaching staff and the American Legion have a zero drug/alchohol tolerance policy.

As the season progresses, players will be rewarded with playing time not just by their skills, but by there show of effort, attitude, attendence and sportsmanship.

We also realize that these are student-athletes which means that academics comes first. Players will not be penalized if they must miss games due to study.They are however, responsible for contacting us 24 hours in advance in regards to not being able to make a game.

The cost for each player is $300, which includes a complete uniform . 

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